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Spells to Use in Pvp

Feb 20, 2012
Spells are really important. Which you use and stuff. This topic is basically where people add a spell thats available for everyone, and they should put it in their Pvp deck. Obviously need shields, traps, blades, healing spells, but just write something done that you use in pvp. Anything, including astrals: moon, star, and sun.
We can look and see what spells we should use. This is for everyone that can access Celestia and stuff. And don't due spells that is like Level 48 Ice quest or something. From trainers and stuff ALL around the spiral.

This should be helpful to some people,
Julia Battlecloud,

Sep 01, 2012
Since every school has a minion, A good way to heal for 1 Pip is to find the trainer in Marleybone to sacrifice minions. There is one for Myth in Krokotopia.
~SabrinaMisty, The Koolest Kitty around!