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Spell Disadvantages

Dec 21, 2008
I think that they should of put the balance dispell.

I have a Gran life, a grand balance, and magus storm. MY storm has it hard with dissipate, and thats ok...

But now dispells for life myth and death?... plus the already existing ones for storm fire and ice.

That made me pretty mad... and i stopped playing for a few days, but the game is so good i just HAD to go back, and so i did...

But then i realized the unfair truth in all this, ALL SCHOOLS EXCEPT BALANCE HAS A DISPELL!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, but every school has a shield but balance, and thats also bad but i have accepted that.

But balance is the master of pvp, so they should have the dispell for that reason as well.

Lets review shall we?....

1) all but balance has shield
2) all but balance has dispell
3) Balance has enough power over others as it is

Most balance people that i fight in pvp say like, gg or great fight, but they're really acting condecending.

At least I have the curtesy to be nice and treate them like a friend when I beat them, usually I add them afterwards, and do a 2v2 with them or any kind of teamwork with them

I think that KI should add a balance shield and a balance dispell, or take both those out!

At least that's what i think, but better yet... what do you think? please post here.

Kyle Stormrider Life Grandmaster
Kyle Sunthorn Balance Grandmaster
Kyle Stormblade Storm Magus

Mar 01, 2009
A balance dis-spell card would only make the Balance Wizard more strong. EVERY other school of the spiral relies on one balance spell, or two, or three. Be it blades, traps, weakness, and reshuffle to name a few. My balance wizard would use five of these dis-spells in the deck if it were available.

Best case scenario for other school wizards would be making the famed Judgement fizzle, but that really does not hurt the Balance wizard, pips stay and they will draw another soon. Your best bet is to reduce their damage and survive the hit and let them be pip-less.

As for the Balance shield, well, that would put the Balance wizard at the bottom of the "food chain". All there spells are moderate in damage. Judgement needs to be at least 10 pips and be bladed/trapped for it to be worth losing all pips the wizard has.

The tower shield really is a pain in the neck for Balance wizards, more than some would believe, to the point where many Warlord balance people will spend 2 pips (including power pips, and one training point) on the Ice Dis-spell.