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Spectating PVP, can you still do this?

Aug 28, 2010
Now that the PVP changes have gone live, I took my level 120 in (who can no longer PVP), and wanted to watch a match. I am unable to see how to watch a PVP match at all. I see that you can still watch Tournaments, but PVP doesn't seem to be an Option?

Mar 30, 2014
You have to be at the right level even to spectate.

How can players decide if they want to pvp in a league if they aren't even allowed to see what the games are like? If I just want to check out exalted pvp, I have to level a wizard to exalted first? Ridiculous.

Mar 30, 2014
Just want to correct what I said, if you have any wizard who is the right level to participate in any league, then when you use the kiosk it opens up something like the old pvp kiosk menu (missing things that matter to some of us, like 2v2) and you are allowed to spectate all of the leagues.