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Spamming Balance Dispels on a Balance

Aug 18, 2009
Is it fair to spam balance dispels on a balance in 1v1, the dude is going first (he's also balance) and he's doing it practically every round. When I don't take it off, he uses spectral blast or infection the next round. He keeps his minion up and he says that he will let his minion kill me. The dude also keeps shielding sooo It's really hard to attack. I have no problem with keeping my health up even with the infections but its really annoying. Eventually he fled after 2 hours.

But if this happens again, could I report the guy? Or can KI do something about it lol
I just don't think this is fair play

Aug 20, 2011
In my view, dispels are perfectly fair. One option is to plan a secondary school of attacks or another counter-strategy to his method before you go in. Never hurts to prepare for all kinds of opponents. I should also add, it's a particularly risky strategy to use balance dispels, as many players can get by without using any balance cards.

Aug 18, 2010
You don't seem to understand what the real problem is.
There is nothing wrong with dispel.
Going second is the problem.

Jul 10, 2009
No reason to report him. You could have done the same thing in all fairness. :P

Aug 20, 2010
I am balance, and i am pretty sure un-balance cost 2 pips, if he were to cast it a lot he must have many pips. I do not see a problem and think there is nothing wrong. I would have to say use mana burn because of i think you are saying he has many pips to cast unbalance every round. Also hope to go first