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Something I Dont Get.

Aug 26, 2008
Today a saw someone who had a "PvP Commander" badge on, so I decided to check their starts. When I looked, I saw that they had 217 wins and 222 losses with a rating of 808. Shouldn't their rating be like 500? Why do wins give more than losses? And another thing that confuses me is that their ribbons were 5 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze, and 3 last place. They had a rating of 460. If it was scored like Pvp, that would be around 800. This isnt the first time I've seen someone like this too, it happens all the time. Does anyone know why this is?

May 20, 2010
May 20, 2009
Something i dont get is that when i win at a pvp i get like 10 points or less but when i lose i lose like 25 points. Before it was even i won 20 or so points and when i lose i lost like 20 or so points but now i dont know if thats how it is or that the pvp hates me :( because i was a warlord for a while and now i am a knight

Apr 19, 2010
Hmmm maybe because they at first started losing but then they started getting better? So at first a lot of loses then a lot of wins.

Jul 28, 2011
I feel that while most people may know the answer to this, there are many who don't, so....

Basically, someone with a lower rating wins more points (rating points,) when they beat someone who has a higher rating then themselves. Somebody who beats more 'High Rating' opponents than
'Low Rating' opponents will always have a pvp rating higher than 500. For example, earlier tonight I was at 23 wins and 21 losses but i was still of Veteran Rank.

KingsIsle knows their pvp system is open to the threat of luck and flukes, and has set this system in motion to protect those with a high rank from getting overly punished (by losing lots of rating) to a low rank with noob treasures or has just down ranked themselves.

Conversely, a low rank who manages to overcome the spells/treasures/pet skills/health of a higher rank (and more often than not, a higher level) is rewarded with a higher rating gain then they would have received beating somebody closer matched to themselves.

Hope this helps...

Jan 22, 2011
What I've noticed was that it depends on how epically you lose or win. I remember when I lost epically I got -30 something. But when I barely lost I got -10. And when I epically won I got like +40. And then when I barely won I got +10 or +15.

:P :P :P

Colin SwiftCaster, Level 60 Death