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some new idea about wild bolt

Nov 10, 2009
i am sure kingisle is in a deep headack about tonnes and tonnes complaints about pvp and some specific spells

firstly bolts, i can imaging that everyone complained about wild bolt. here is an idea. instead of just 1000 damage, how about 1000damage and a storm dispel on self. this will solve ALL the complaints about wild bolt, once wild bolt hits the caster can not cast another, and so the person who is hit by bolt can have enough time to recover and if a non-storm school casts this spell again they will lose 2 pips. and if they are a high lvl that would mean 2 gold pips. cast this in friquency would make them lose all their pips. :)

banning enchantment cards will not solve this problem, it will be like you cut a branch of a tree, yes you solved problem for now but more stems will grow after your cut, and in this case more people would wand things they dislike banned

Jun 11, 2009

this wont SOLVE anything (if there was something to solve).
this wont HELP anything.
this wont CHANGE anything.

1. if this was, for some odd reason, heeded, players who use this spell could simply wand away the dispell.

2. i personally believe everyone who says, "ooohhh, theres still gonna be problems with this "boltong" stuff after enchanteds become untradeable"
are incorrect. this will make it impossible for not storms to use this spell.
i still have not gotten a new, possible system that they will come up with.

lets face it guyz. wild bolts changed. as much fun as you had complaining about it, you cant any more.