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Solution for PvP

Jan 18, 2013

Capping of stats is what needs to be done to make PvP balanced again. I'm not talking about nerfing the gear. I am talking about putting a limit on the maximum of each stat your wizard can have.
Just like resistance in Diablo if anyone has played it and knows what I mean.
For example, if we capped resistance at 75% and you had all jade and resistance gear on that would normally give you 85% resistance then you would only get 75% of it and the other 10% would be wasted. This would encourage players to trade in some of their gear such as heart steel that goes over the stat limit for some gear that gives them stats in other areas, making more balanced wizard stats without any stats going to the extreme. Play style and strategies will become more of a variety as a result.

Below is what I think the caps should be but KI will have to test them and adjust them on test realm to find the perfect balance that will allow a variety of strategies to all be equally as effective. KI can continuously fine tune and adjust the caps in order to make PvP more and more balanced with each update.

Resistance 75%
Damage 50%
Piercing 25%
Critical 50%
Block 50%
Incoming Heal 25%
Outgoing Heal 25%

Accuracy, Power Pip chance and Stun Resistance will not need to be capped

We can also cap the number of may cast healing talents that pets can learn to maximum of 1.
This will mean instead of players having like 3 heals on their pet they will have a different variety of talents adding to the diversity of PvP.

These caps will not effect the extra pierce, critical, block and heal boosts given by enchantments and spells.

Nov 12, 2012
I think these are all great ideas! In regards to pets I would just limit the amount they can can cast to one heal per player per round. It is really frustrating when may cast fairy goes on 3 times from a fire elf.

Dec 05, 2012
I don't think this is great. but I think that there should be a feature were no one can see your stats.

Sep 17, 2012
That's not a soulution for anything and doesn't balance anything. Critical 50? Give me a break. With a critical boost of 50 you'll be lucky to see one critical a week. Criticals aren't a percentage. Same goes for the block. Pierce 25% is a joke, that elliminates much of the newer gear and shadow magic. I could go on with every single arbitrary low limit you set. The facts are every school has strengths and weaknesses and some of those are built into our stats and gear. You are asking them to take away from some but not all, just to make things easier for you. You're limiting Storm's damage boost, but I don't see you asking for life to pumped up to Ice levels. This "solution" is worse than any current "problem" people have with PvP.