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Sit or move? how to handle being buried

Apr 11, 2010
I thought about this when playing against certain opponents who rely heavily on a certain type of spell, infection, weakness, etc.

What do you do personally to handle this? One useful suggestion for weakness is to just shake it off!

Just move! Use something, don't stay in one spot doing nothing even if it means sacrificing 4 or 5 pips on a hit to get yourself out of that ugly corner.

I pushed through about 9 weaknesses in one match against a very cool balance player. He would stack them with nova and or treasures.

Some elements like fire can squeak out of the infections by spamming links, others have their own heals so they can side-step the dispels of Gnomes and let's not forget all the spritely talented pets.

Sometimes it can be to your benefit to just move especially if you can take out two weaknesses and a shield in one shot, or two wards and charms in one shot. The whole idea is to not sit where your opponent wants you, yes?

So what do you usually do to counter someone spamming a certain spell? How do you push around that?

I recently started eating my minions with balances sap health to get past life dispels. My healing boost means I can grab 800+ health for 1 pip if I eat my puppets.

I also mentioned this about dimensional shift before, this is a get out of jail for three pips card. Maybe a minion player can use a treasure of this when an enemy has used numerous life dispels/infections and dump these negative things onto their minion. If you are myth obviously it's free to find as you progress.

Dec 12, 2010
I would get a different school wand to wand off weaknesses I would also shield when they blade or blade right before 6 or 7 pips just in case, there are alot of ways to save it.

-Savvy DeathHunter Pvp Captain

Feb 29, 2012
For weakness I just use my wand spells and low pip spells. They still do damage and it doesn't matter to me that I just wasted 1-2 pips on that spell. Or I just use my 'Remove Negative Charm' spell and be done with it.

For Infection, I use Sprite, then a few rounds later make a come back with Satyr. For Doom and Gloom, I've trained Life all the way to Sanctuary, so I can replace it at will.

If I'm running out of cards, I use Reshuffle. :D

Dec 12, 2010