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Should there be a balance dispel?

Aug 21, 2009
There aren't any shields solely against balance school as balance does not have a wand attack to rid such shields without losing its blades and balance does not have a strong mass kill card (as it never should have, and for good reason). Sure judgement is strong and there isn't much defense against it, but when going up against a group of players killing everything off one at a time takes quite some time to accomplish (expecially if they are subsequently healed). I still however see no reason why balance school should not have a dispel against it. A wand or any other attack card would rid the dispel and do so without losing blades (if blades were lost then there would be justification for balance not having a dispel against it, but no one loses blades when it comes to dispel). A balance dispel is a bit tricky though as balance has balance cards that do storm, fire, and ice damage rather than balance damage. This means that a balance dispel should affect and/or be broken off by any balance attack card that is played regardless of the type of damage that card does (this programming, and not actual game play, is probably why balance school doesn't have a dispel against it).