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Shatter idea

Aug 28, 2010
Just an idea, and wanted to pass it by someone just in case it’s a bad idea.
Here’s the idea, a Shatter Proof Shield will absorb one shatter spell. Just like a Stun Shield, this will act the same way, but to Shatter. I wonder if this would help mid level up to level 90 players, or if the idea would cause more problems than it’s worth. I know it would hurt the Myth player, and I have a level 90 Myth, so I’m not crazy about the idea. I can see where it would be real useful for my other Wizs.

Apr 07, 2011
Shatter is a key spell, not only for Myth wizards. Its strong, but can be countered. I always use aftershock TC when i sense the danger of a possible shatter of my shields. Imo there is no need of such thing as shatter shield.

Mar 07, 2011
Not a bad idea at all. The idea I had would be to make a "Remove all traps" spell, sort of like the sister spell to Enfeeblement. This might help detract the "Ultra Tank - Healer - Spend an hour stacking traps and blades - Shatter - One Hit Kill" strategy that has essentially ruined high level 1v1 PvP.