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Oct 04, 2010
I've been PvP for the past month I started at around 500 rating, end of the month guess my rating. 382! I swear I keep this up I'll be in the negatives! Anyone wanna help guide me towards warlord? I've posted numerous posts similar to this, but it's just getting worse. I would very much appreciate the help of somebody with an effective strategy willing to help me. I'm literally starting to lose hope (no joke) its extremely frustrating when I go on these losing streaks. I've been beat by level 5s, I'm not even kidding you, level 5s. I really need help!

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41

Aug 28, 2010

Have you been on Duelest101, and have you read the Manuals they have available?
If not, you need to start there, they have Gear, Pet, and Deck setups for you.

This is just a starting point, from here you need to understand each and every
school, and all the spells they can use. If you don't know this, how can you predict
what they will do, if you are second???

You need to know how to shut down each school, and what strategies they
may try to use. If you lack knowledge in this area, it can really hurt your overall
game. So, read the other wizards PvP manuals too, it will teach you how they
will try to defeat you.

You also need an edge over your own school for when you will face your own kind.
If you don't have an edge, and you are second, it could well be a lost.

You strategy must match your gear, if they are mismatched, you will find it hard to
do anything in the ring, when the pressure is on. Remember, that other person is
going to do everything they can to shut you down, and you have to counter it.

Your pet must have the ability to heal, depending on your strategy, this can make
a win or lost in ranked. All my pets have double resist, accuracy, and a heal,
and most often damage. The pet should match your play style, and it's cards
can be a life saver at times.

I would have to write a book just to cover the basics, but I'm sure you got the
point. Everything has to match, and it's all based on your deck and strategy.

Once you read the manuals on Duelest101, come back and ask any questions.

Plus one more thing, don't go to Ranked until you can win most of your battles in
Practice PVP. I would suggest at least 60-100 Practice fights, to get your deck down
to what is needed and what can be discared to changed. Remember, that side
deck is critical, so use it.

I would help you if I had more time, but right now it's a bear for me. Once summer gets
here, I may have more time to help.