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Secondary Schools

May 25, 2010
so ive been playing w101 again since a 4 year break and ive just bought back all of my training points. im a level 32 fire wizard and before buying back my oints, i had assorted spells from various schools. up untill earlier today i was thinking on a secondary school when i came across some posts on w101 central and on the message boards that said that secondary schools arent worth it. what do you guys think? should i pick only one sec. school, various, or none? i was also thinking of buying all of the shields from the girl in the fairegrounds.

Andrew Fireblade
Level 32 Pyromancer

PS i have 10 training points

Feb 12, 2013
Looking back, I don't think it's worth it. I think you should go through some of the death school until you get Feint and go through some of the ice school until you get the Tower Shield. Secondary schools come in handy if you are fighting your school, but once you get to a higher level, you can get a mass prism and polymorphs.

Feb 24, 2012
I would train death up to the feint spell, then start training ice till tower shield then train astral spells when you get them, if you still have some left over and have done all the zekes quests you can get a nice satyr from the school of life, that's what i did, the shields are over rated too