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Second school to life?

Oct 04, 2010
What's a good second school to life, player versus player wise. I was thinking storm, because I can have the high damage, but still have the healing.... I hope its not too late for a wizard of my level to finally get my secondary school considering my level.

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41

Dec 16, 2009
Hello there I'm a level 76 life wizard for your second school I would not go with storm yes storm does do allot of damage but as a life wizard pvp is particularly difficult because life is the most hated do to the fact that we can heal

To many people don't like us and will do every thing they can to K.O you in one hit as best they can
So what you want to do is go defensive do this you will have more then one second school
What you want to do is spend just enough of your points in each school to get their shields minus storm because you just won't need it this is what your deck will look like

Glacial shield 4

Volcanic shield4
Tower shield 4

Either shield 4

Legend shield 4
Spirit armor 4

Guiding light 4

Brilliant light 4

Life blade 3

Spirit blade 3

Gnomes 8

Reshuffle 2

Sanctuary 2

Guardian spirit 2

Rebirth 4

Regenerate 4

Satyr 4

With this deck make up you can effectively pvp with out the need of TC although earthquake is nice and does help to prevent people from getting that one shot KO on you this is a very effective 2V2 pvp defensive build it's best if your partner is a ice wizard whos main source of damage is frost bite and snow angel
Who has also spect enough in to life to get sanctuary and satyr to prevent doom and gloom and best of all you will never run out of cards