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School Vs Treasure in Arena

Jun 16, 2009
Hey all, so ive been hearing a lot about this. Half the people I talk to wanna use anything they can find in the arena, and others wanna have more of a challenge and use only their school spells and whatever their training points can buy (or like dispell, beguile, infection) It would be great if we all had a choice, to play in an At your own risk, anything goes Arena, or you can choose to play a more advanced, strategic game in an ONLY School and points Arena NO TREASURE ALLOWED except for some heals, and aid spells like beguile, dispel, infection traps,etc) But you cant use Bolts or treasure cards you bought or made or traded If people want to do whatever they want how they want they can enter the First Arena, if someone wants a fair, harder school(s) only game using their school from training points for a more challenging game AWESOME! I dont bolt, use minion, or treasure and I would love to see a fair game played where people who win know theyre the best, not just got lucky or took cheap shots. One isnt better than the other but it gives a choice, for both kinds of folks. Also dont pit warlords against noobs its not a fair game and why be so easy on those who want a challenge and for those starting out make it fair. the ranking system should be as you level so do your challengers Thanks for listening :)

Sep 26, 2009
This topic has been mentioned before, but I like this idea.

Deep down, I am a good natured and soft spoken person, however sometimes I can't hep but get mad when I am playing my class spells and all the sudden I get bolted from the other side. Meanwhile, for example, I know they are ice (again example) and I shield for ice. They have FULL power pips and I don't even consider it lucky that their sniper card infused bolt hit me, before i have time to recover they throw their class spell at me and the advantage is clear. So I end up saying something stupid. Not "noob" but more like "sheet" or "day um it" & then I get reported. So it's my own fault for the report, but seriously, this would frustrate me less if I could chose treasure or no treasure pvp like you suggest. I am sure there will be someone reading this and think there is nothing wrong with using a treasure bolt, beguile, triton, judgement, etc. Those people are the people who think it's funny and cool because they are the ones doing it and got lucky enough to have either a storm character and/or a trustworthy friend who can help them transfer bolts by the dozens. It would be a lot better for me, the other player, AND customer service (lol) for this option. That way when we kind of know what to expect. Players can already do an awesome job changing, stitching and coloring their clothes, hiding school pets & start out the match using balance blades or 2nd class spells to fool the opponent.

For some people that don't care because they say wild bolt never hits...

Oh.... but when it hits, and you are the recipient being bolted by a Life Wizard, I would love to see the reaction on your face.

If they keep bolt, just make it four pips for non storm school caster. That way they can't turn around cast their own follow up 7-rank spell easily

Feb 09, 2009
I understand what you're trying to say. I just wanted to make one small correction.

What you're proposing would actually be the less advanced less strategic game. Having taken away cards you've narrowed the options availuable and the game then offers less in the way of strategy. It's a simpler slightly watered down version of the PvP that you propose.

Now I'm not saying that something like you want is a bad idea. I am sure there are many out there who would like to play in a more restrictive arena. Just wanted it a little more clear that flying a banner of more advanced and more strategic is actually a misconception.

Taking away those cards and abilities does make the game harder in the current format, but once everyone in your division is playing under those rules then the game as a whole is simpler. With less options and thus less strategies to use.