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School specific Talents

May 31, 2009
Sorry for so many posts all at once, but I have a few questions and I think each should have it's own topic.

Does anyone know if your pet always takes the school specific attribute of the player that has the egg equipped?

As an example, I have a Defender Pig that recently got a FIRE Resist (8% !) talent. Is it because he was leveled up when equipped with by FIRE wizard? Seems obviously, but was curious if this is always the case. The Defender Pig is a LIFE pet, not hatched, so I figured if it had any school specific talents it might be a LIFE boost.

So, does that mean if I use my FIRE wizard to get all the way up, say, 499 experience, trade him to my MYTH wizard to level up, that any school specific talent gained would be MYTH?

Would love to hear what others have to say...


Jun 11, 2009
no, that didnt happen to me. but i wish it did. i had a wildclaw equipped on a necromancer, and when i leveled him up, he didnt get more death attribute, he got myth attribute. | : i think its either random, or maybe dependant on how you train it.