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Revive Dampen Magic Spell in a New PvP Way!!

May 06, 2009
Long ago in the early days of Wizard101 (about 2011), there was once a unique and interesting spell...

Dampen Magic

This spell was so strong that it could limit the power of any Wizard. But not just anyone could have it. It was rare and hard to come by. But within the year of 2011 an exploit broke out about this spell. A once rare and prized spell could simply be gotten by anyone in the Bazaar. Unfortunately, many were fakes; copies of the true spell that some mysterious seller just sold to the Bazaar. ...but not in a good way... Many Wizards lost their hard earned Gold. A crisis broke out amongst the school. Wizards wanted this spell dead and gone from the Spiral. Spell burning were held in the hopes of some Wizards to rid the Spiral of this spell. The great powers who watch over this game (Kingsisle Entertainment) main swift like a Gryphon, and banished this spell, never to heard or told of again...until now...

To understand the gist of what I'm saying, let me explain. This spell, Dampen Magic, fell under a tragic fate and was removed from the game. I do feel this was harsh to do as this spell has an interesting effect. Cloak fell under a similar situation, but was revived to "cloak" or hide our spells from our opponents eyes. I think the same revival should happen for Dampen Magic and be for suited for PvP.

For those who don't know, here is Dampen Magic:

Dampen Magic
Rank: 3
School: Balance
Accuracy: 100%
Type: Global (a.k.a. bubble)
Limit all casters to 3 Pip Max

This spell did have issuses in the 1st Age PvP arenas and was another factor to rid Wizards of it. However, this is a new age of PvP and a new time for Wizard101. I think the winds of change should come to this spell and revive it from the ashes like a Phoenix, just as Cloak was given a second chance.

After looking at some feedback here and there over the current status of school trouble in PvP, I thought of a new version for Dampen Magic:

Dampen Magic
Rank: 5
School: Balance
Accuracy: 100%
Type: Global (a.k.a. bubble)
5 Pip max, +35% in.&out. cap, and 40% Resist cap to all

So what this now means is as long as this spell is up Players can only reach a max of 5 pips in battle as opposed to 7. Everyone would gain a max base cap of 35% incoming and outgoing heal despite whatever gear you're wearing. Heal improvement spells just as Cycle of Life, or Guidance will still add to your overall healing. You resist will come up or down to 40% resist and remain there. Fortify, and shields will still act accordingly. All of this will ony go on as long as Dampen Magic is up. It can be replace with another "bubble" at any time.

Diego will sell this spell for 1 training point. You must be at least a PvP Captain and be level 88. TC's with "No Bazaar Sell" flags would be re-added to the Spiral but only to high level worlds with a low drop rate to keep the spell rare. The reason for some of these restrictions is to avoid a similar epdemic that was first caused as well as restart one.

Feb 15, 2009
I want the first limit to 3 pips version and life bane can be revamped with a new chance to!

Jan 18, 2013
I like the sound of the original, 3 pip max spells. It gives room for some alternate strategies.

Oct 15, 2010
I like it, but there are too many ways to get around it.

If you're a Jade player, (I am not), you would just keep your sideboard full of alternate bubbles like Sanctuary and use Mend and Fortify as well.