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Resist v Hitpoints

May 31, 2009
So this isn't a strictly pvp question, but just curious if anyone has rule about adding resist vs. HP when it comes to gear.

For example, given the choice between 100 HP or 5% resist all, which would you choose? I suppose it would make a difference what you already had, but in a purely straight up comparison, which is more helpful in pvp?

The way I see it, with low attacks 100 HP would seem to be better - 5% resist on a 100 damage spell, for example, is only 5 HP saved. Even with a 1000 damage spell, you're also only saving 50 HP, not nearly as good as having extra 100 HP.

However, since a battle usually consists of many attacks, surely more the 5% would add up over time to be better, no?

Thoughts? If anyone has some sort of formula or rule they go by I'd be interested in hearing it.