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Read About Rage

Sep 23, 2011
First of all this has almost always been problem. You guessed it puppets and unfair matches. Let me tell you a little about this character a level 15 829 health 39 wins 39 losses ranking: 574 ( this is after the unfortunate disaster on my part. So lets get started the time was 8:30 p.m. it was a warm night in the Sonoran desert so i opened my window and decided to play pvp with my friend his name is Adam in the game he is a lvl 15 warlord our first match was irritably a puppet team. A lvl 19 private full commander gear, the other enemy spotted was a level 38. I was defeated in two rounds double krakens in another three rounds he was also defeated our moral destroyed. We decided to try 1v1 after a horrible game of 2v2. So i thought oh well i will try to rank up this way, little did I know my glorious hopes would soon be shattered, destroyed, and trampled. When the match started i saw the badge taunting me A+ Student i sighed in defeat as i soon found i literally could not win possibly win in any way. She had exactly 1,803 health a level 31. I was stunned the match was found right away so this could not be right. A little into the battle i found out something bad, she was spamming shields and minions. I defeated the minions normally right away. i did tc elemental blade, tc storm blade, normal storm blade, and finally a tc amplify aura should be good right? Nope i soon had 200 health and no heals so i did an enchanted storm shark. 1,300 damage. While i was saving up for my pet beta fish's leviathan i didn't have time so i hit and hoped for the best, no i died. So now the question why KI, why, do you hate me? This is a huge problem please fix these ''Unfair matches'' and try to pair puppets with puppets. I thank everyone for their time and hopefully KI for responding and fixing these problems. Thank You.

David JadeBreaker lvl 85 Private
Elizabeth NightShade lvl 35 Private
Emma LionBlade lvl 22 Warlord
Jacob Storm lvl 15 Sergeant
Jacob Dragon lvl 5 Sergeant