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Ranking System?

Dec 16, 2008
Yes, this will probably get a lot of attention from people who are Warlord on like 7 wizards. Although I have been playing Wizard101 for years. I believe I am coming up on 5-6 years of playing. I usually pvp'd for fun, and to try to get that beautiful Commander robe . Although it is nearly impossible, for me, a Private, to get it when I get matched with Warlords every time, even when I was only a Sergeant once. I always get spammed with TC's, and it's not fair, for when a private gets beat by a Warlord, and loses 16 points. It should be lower in my opinion, since the Warlord is much higher.

Got my bootie destroyed by a Warlord a couple days prior to posting this. His rank was 2260, mine was around 160.

Yes I know, I am bad at pvp but it still hard to get better at it when I always get matched with the insanely good PvPer's

Just an opinion type post, I would love to see other's opinions in the replies below. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Love you all

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