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Ranking PVP

Jul 15, 2012
So, I am level 100 with 2500 ratting. Is so hard to get in fights. And when I do, is the same people. No surprises. Try 2 vs 2. Is the same long wait. Best solution is start a new wizard. But why we are punish for our ratting? When I was lower level, it was by getting higher level warlords. A lot levels up. When I post about, solution was to level up. Not it just hard to find matchs??

Why not just stop making people lose ratting? So this way more people would pvp not afraid to lose there rank. And would be a lot more pvp on all levels going on. You don't lose rank on tournament. No one is afraid to try. So why not just do the same on rank? Just an idea... what you all think? ?
Sorry for the typing*

Jan 02, 2012
Totally agree with you there, I have 1900 rank on my top level and feel the same way. Of course I still can get matches, but it is only against a select few people. And isn't half the fun of PVP fighting new opponents? After fighting someone five times it just begins to feel repetitive and dull.

Jul 15, 2012
My point. Let there be new titles, so is something new to achieve. But true is, wizard101 is a different game them many mmo's out there. You die, you don't de level. So no need losing rank. Would be good for high rank. New titles could be new fun thing to go for. And we know high ranks do love there titles. And kids or new people wouldn't fell so bad about losing. It was a family kid after all. Would also stop level 100 with low ratting to go against lower levels. I think it would be good...

Aug 20, 2011