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ranking points?

May 30, 2010
ok this is just plane stupid, me level 22 battling a level 28 balance who uses judgment, no biggie, i blocked his attacks and weaked him but when i killed him with a skeleton i got 0 points? wow really KI? did you really have to mess with the pvp system?

Jun 11, 2009
yes, i have experienced this as well. when my lvl 22 captain beat a fifty, i as well got 0 points. then i was beaten by the same fifty the next battle and lost about thirty points. i think this is a little rediculous. would it not make more logical sense for a set amount of points to be given/ taken after every battle? say, like fifteen or something?i know i know, it depends on the rank. but it seems a little rediculous to me that if a 22 beats a fifty he gets no points. :?