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Ranking Down!

Jul 19, 2010
Lately I have been coming across warlords ranking down. I can't speak for others but for myself I will say I DO NOT enjoy being called into a pvp match that I have been waiting for (because I to am a warlord) to find a high ranked warlord saying "pass" "just pass" and then "they never listen" . I don't want warlord status because someone ranked down! They either don't want to fight the high ranks so they rank down to make it easy for the win. Or they don't want to wait for pvp matches "it takes too long". Yes sometimes it does take a while but I too have been waiting and now my match isnt really a match as I'm being used to rank down with! COME ON...not cool people! I'm sure there are alot of players who will take the easy win...I'm not one of them! I'ts all fine if you want to rank down but at least ask the person and do the battle if they don't want the easy win!

Jul 06, 2009
I don't have any problem with people ranking down..... The only problem i have is the gear if you have to be a commander to get it why let anyone wear it no matter what rank you are its a little unfair to lower ranked players that only resist some schools vs all schools..... And at a lower level you can still critical where at 50 you cant without it

Mar 15, 2009
ranking down is a problem and it should be stopped, it is unfair to the new/lower rank PvPers, why should a new private have to fight a warlord,and the matching for arena needs a fix as well,why should I have to fight a 30 level player when i am 60 level warlord,that is unfair for the lev.30 guy.

if a PvPers lose's rank then it should be no more then 1-2 ranks,reason being most rank down for easy match's and to make fun of newb PvPers an easy tickets,,this is not earning tickets this is stealing them from newb PvPers,who then in turn have rank pushed down to sub-private(under 500).

Warlord is no longer a earned title its a give me title with no real meaning anymore,(no disrespect to those who earned it) ranking down just to steal tickets from lower level PvPers is wrong and unfair to them and needs to be addressed.

I rather be matched against a player of same skills as me then against a player that I can hit with a fly swater and take out.

KI please fix this ranking down problem thank you

M.RedBlood death lev.60
Dakota storm lev.60 warlord