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Ranked pvp is not fair at all! ! ! ! ! !

Feb 19, 2009
I have played five ranked pvp 3 1v1, one 2v2 pvp and, one 3v3 my friend when my friend and i did the 2v2 and the 3v3 we both had to fight masters and grandmasters one used Orthrus two times. We both though it was unfair that we had to fight a master and a grandmaster. I would like it more if you made a system that made wizards roughly the same level fight each other.

An addicted player,
Tarlac Hexstrider Magus Necromancer :

Feb 08, 2009
ya i agree to because i battled a storm wizard and fire and i was with a storm wizard who wasnt a grand master so the grandmasters burned us it wasnt fair