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Ranked battles are not at all ranked...

Aug 09, 2013
I am trying to get an astral spell that Dueling Diego has, however I am not the appropriate rank to learn that spell. Once I learned how to actually increase your rank, I did a few rank battles. However, I don't understand how on earth this is suppose to be RANKED... I am only private rank, and I am going against Warlords and they always defeat me. This is suppose to be a ranked battle, but the people you go against is plainly unfair and ridiculous. I really hope Kingsisle could make these battles a little bit more "ranked" like it is suppose to be. I don't know how else I could beat these guys. I train a little more, level up a few more levels and learn better spells, but yet I continue to be creamed by Warlords! Nothing but PVP Warlords! Please make these battles a lot more fair. I really hope you can consider this, because I know I am not the only one with this issue...

Sep 19, 2013
Let me guess... you're straight out of questing and think that PvP works the same way... it doesn't.
1. TREASURE CARDS. Use them. Give every spell you cast a +175 damage boost with Monstrous. Cut through resist with Infallible. This kind of stuff is a necessity.
2. Remember, he's lower level and has more health. Warlords are matched with players higher level than they because they are more skilled. If you learn some tricks (try Duelist101), then you'll be ready for those Warlords. If all else fails, try leveling up higher still, low-level Warlords are notorious for destroying people at lower levels with their warlord gear.

Jul 28, 2014
Its just how they made the pvp system, Yes everyone knows its horrible, that's why allot of people stopped doing pvp till next season or in till new pvp update.

Its hard to get past private for most people since when your private and level 50 and lower. You WILL get a low level tc spamming warlords (not all the time though)

Feb 02, 2014
I agree, the ranking system as of current is failure. Multiple years in multiple mmos and mobas via multiple consoles and pcs, this games pvp is totally out of balance to say the least