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Rank Reset

May 28, 2009
Would it not be nice if you could buy a pvp reset. I am so low for pvp right now (Below 200) because i was so terrible at pvp but i would do it anyways and i now know how pvp works but i have to win like 40 times to get back to 500...... If their was a pvp reset KI would not have to add a new age and their would probably be more pvp.

Lvl 75

Aug 15, 2012
This would completely upset the balance of pvp. The only way to get better at something is to keep trying, not just cough up some gold/crowns and be back to where you started. Also, I am guessing you would have to pay crowns which is really unfair. Now, members that buy crowns get to rank up faster (because they don't have to get back up to 500 if they go below). In my opinion, the only rank reset should be the beginning of a new age.
Sarai Thunderstrider

Dec 20, 2008
I'm not sure how I feel about this, because on one hand, for people like yourself it works out great. But what about the warlords who get bored, and tournament gear in hand, decided to rank reset and experience all over again. It would totally upset the balance of things