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Rank PVP Timer

Aug 13, 2010
I know that there are times when people have things to do, been in one PVP match for a very long time and just want it to end so they can go on to the next match. Sometimes there are people who stall your PVP time and you end up getting close to winning but they regain all their power and you must start over the sequence again. I know, because these things have happened to me before. Has having a timer has ever come to mind to end these king of people? Well, it should because this would be perfect for that kind of outcome. For instance, let's say you're fighting a Jade user , you know their stats aren't very well and you can attack many times and they just heal right back up. You used allot of attacks and you know if it weren't for that resist you would have done a great job now. If the battle ends up to continue, a timer can stop that. Just like Diego judges the tournaments he can judge the ranked PVP(this will really helps off from jade users). Of course you can win, as long as you're still alive. You fought done a lot of damage could've done better but not with 70 resist. When that timer ends and Diego comes and sees that you actually tried and put effort into it you're sure to win. All of this has happen to me and from that past I've created this idea to add times to RANK. I hope you guys really take this under consideration, this could be really helpful news to PVP players everywhere on the game.

Thank you for taking interest interest in my little idea, and I hope it pays off,
~ Your fan, Kyle SoulGiver

Jul 18, 2010
Yeah some people only win cause of their resist and don't put much effort. I believe the person who puts more effort should get at least some credit too. I hate fighting people with high resist and then they win because like nothing works on them.

Oct 30, 2011
If you want a timer, do a tournament. It would be extremely hard for kingsisle to make a program that makes someone who puts effort in win. If you don't like how long it takes to kill jade gear, go for a critical/armor piercing build. Also, jade gear users sometimes win with diego's decision in tournaments. How do you know that ranked pvp would be any different? It could be worse for you than it was before.

Aug 28, 2010
I agree, it would be great if KI changed PVP so that it was fair.

Here is the problem, every time people complain and complain, KI
makes a change we don't want. Just some thoughts....

People whined about the high Resist that some Wizards had...

They came out with Critical that no one wanted....

Then finally, after a huge delay, came out with
Critical block, that you could purchase in the packs.

Then they added in more critical in the packs, so you
could easily get 300 plus critical, and it was impossible to

Then they came out with the Jade gear that no one wanted.
(ok the Jade Players wanted it... just no one else).

In the mix they gave huge resist to Ice, for Fire and Storm.
Damage spells increased, along with Huge boost for Wizards.

Then they came out with more critical block, making the
game more and more extreme, and harder and harder to
pvp and win consistently.

They finally added 1 pip for the person going second,
instead of fixing the real problem, the turn system.

Then they decided to add in Tournaments for Crowns,
but never fixed the base problems, again a failure
for the person that loves pvp.

The list goes on and on, I have only stated the basics...

So, I have stopped complaining, about everything....

Why, because I'm tired of all the chagnes they have made,
which has slowly eroded the fun in what was at one time,
a great game.

Mar 10, 2010
Yeah i must of done an hour long 2v2 pvp against some level 73 death kid. I thought it was unfair because my teammate and i were only level 59. If there was a timer we would have dominated. I guess his teammate glitched out halfway through allowing us to win.

Lucas Trollpants 61