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Random partners

Jun 28, 2009
All right so I needed tickets I did a quick 2v2 no friends on ATM who were in my level to ask. I was really desperate for the tickets thou so I clicked the dreaded random partner button....horrible idea on my part. The partner I got was myth. K guys so keep in mind it's a quick tourney the damage goes up every round I was in the 70s when this happened btw, but anyway this girl must of thought she was immune to damage cause she never hit any of our matches she just took her time blading wt was even better was when I told her too hit and she said I will I just need the pips she had 6 pips earthquake or frog I said..... nope she said she was going for basilisk I swear my brain formed a hand and face palmed me from the inside of my head. The damage boost was all rdy at 30 and your gonna wait till it's 50 to hit well she died every game before me not once ever hitting. We actually won one of our matches I was amazed since she died and left me to beat 2 guys alone. After like our second match I had to talk to her about a strategy I told her frogs earth got it? She said ok I said put some stuns in there also to stun both of them... Ok so common sense I meant blinding light which is the myth spell that stuns all enemies wt do I see her using in the tourney.... Stun the zero pip stun in which she wasted 2 rounds to stun both enemies which got us killed cause the guy she all rdy stunned used the spell I thought she would use blinding light. That's my story anyway feel free to share your story about a time you got a horrible partner I'd like to hear some.

Oct 22, 2009
Yeah, I feel your pain.

It is always better to PVP with people you already have some experience with so that you guys are always on the same page.

Work together in practice, fine tune your skills and then take it to Tournaments/Ranked.

Hope you get a good PVP partner.