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Quick Matches have been Ruined

May 10, 2013
Prior to the update, it's fair to say the state of ranked was terrible. Many matches were dictated on whether or not you went first, among with numerous other pieces of RNG. But at the end of the day, many people thought that ranked wasn't enjoyable.

Thus, many players like myself turned to tournaments to have fun in Wizard101. We often grinded for hours, getting the best gear possible, making a quint damage/infal pet, and doing everything we could to have the most fun at the game.

In Quick Matches, using second can be used to your advantage. With the extra pip given at the beginning of the match, people would be able to unleash new combos.
However, with the new update, going second in a QM is essentially a death sentence. You no longer receive an extra pip going into a match.

This essentially ensures that whoever goes first, wins, since the player going second will always start with (usually) 4 pips instead of 5 or 6.

I'm insanely annoyed by this new update. I understand how the turn based changes to Ranked were supposed to help with going second, but QMs are now effectively broken because of it. Please find a way to fix this mechanic. I honestly cannot understand how anyone could even attempt to offer another opinion on this matter.