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Quick Match Change in the 2017 Spring Update?

Sep 09, 2013
Um I don't know this 100% sure, but in the spring update notes you can see that "Fixed the incorrect amount of pierce that were being added to quick match tournaments". Does anyone know what that means? Does it mean they're taking away 40 pierce quick matches and will only make them 20 pierce from now on? We've had 40 pierce quick matches for a while and they're WAY better than 20 pierce, so why take them away? Quick matches are designed to be "quick", ignoring resist and instead opting for higher damage and health. With 40 pierce, low level quick matches are quick and simple, as set resist and set shielding isn't a big problem. However in 20 pierce, a player going second is at a complete disadvantage, especially if their opponent carries dispels and set shields. 40 pierce makes setting a lot harder and allows for a fair shot at winning from second.

My point is. If they are taking away 40 pierce quick matches, why? They already took away the perk 2v2s. Now they're just going to take these away as well?