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quick match 1v1 buggy?

May 12, 2009
k so at lvl 60 i've been doing allot of quickmatch tourneys on my myth but one thing i noticed is on the rules it states that all schools get 20% pierce bonus but that is not the case balance has been able to completely pierce through a tc shield with regular infallible on so balance has been getting 40% pierce whilst myth on the other hand has been getting no pierce at all there are a few other schools were pierce isnt working on them but i dont remember for sure storm gets the piercing bonus but its the correct 20% i think this is a bit annoying cause even from second all balance needs to do to win is wand off shields then they pierce through the shield enbtirely and a judgement kills regardless of a shield while myth doesnt get any pierce at all
if it's supposed to be like this please tell me cause it would like this fixed if its not supposed to be like this