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Question: Lower Levels with Strong Spells???

Aug 10, 2016
Hey, I'm new to the whole message boards thing, but I have a question. How come when every time I try a ranked PVP, as a level 46, I get put against level 25s that have very strong spells beyond their level, that even I don't have. I looked at their pets and gear, but I can't find the source of the spells... How are they obtaining those spells at a low level? Sorry if this has been answered before!

Dec 17, 2014
They are using treasure cards form the bazaar or probably using the lore master spells

Oct 26, 2010
They are obtaining these spells by either treasure card, or dropped by the Loremaster boss in Dragonspyre.

Oct 29, 2011
The lower level wizards are using treasure cards which you put in your side deck and you draw by discarding cards and then click draw. Most people who pvp and maybe all but a few will use treasure cards or as some call them tc, to pvp.

Aug 22, 2011
Well they are using treasure cards of course! Also, let's say your lvl 50 and you are private rank, you might get paired with a low lvl warlord, like a lvl 25 to 30 warlord, only happens sometimes but it does happen, but yea the spells are treasure cardo they have bought, hope this helps