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Apr 11, 2010
I started PvPing yesterday doing 1v1s and i got up to like a 600 rating but then i tried 2v2 with a buddy and our first match we went up against a grand ice and a lvl 21 death. (im lvl 22 and partner is a 24),

We lost.

We joined another game and we went up against a lvl 34 fire and a 47 life

now my rating is down to like 575

but i was just wondering if we were supposed to get matched up with other players our level or is it just who ever presses the quick join button

-Joshua Life Finder

May 31, 2009
pvp matches are messed up, they combine levels with ranks then try to match you up. which is not right if you get a high rank at a low level and find yourself facing a low ranked high level player you know what I mean. if your going to pvp you will have some choices to make; wait until your higher level, get hold of high damage treasure cards, or team up with high level players.

I suggest the first. you could regain some rank by doing 1v1 but any team fights- I would dig out some minions and work together to eliminate individual players instead of trying to kill them all at once you don`t have the higher all spells.
these are effective team spells; one player short stacks his deck with stuns while the other attacks, wild bolting, minions if you have room, stong treasure cards, and kill the lifer

I hope these help you suceed, again if you cannot win then go get some more levels and come back later

Mar 19, 2009