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pvping for fire

Dec 21, 2011
Hi this is isaac griffeneyes. i am having trouble. i will get to a 797 captain and then loose the rank easily. i dont see how. i think my pvp stradegy is old. i usually use mininon and efreet then sun bird for kill or rain if they have shields but i guess i need a new strad. Any suggestions or help? plz i will be in the game usually everyday

Jul 23, 2009
My wins/losses: 21:3
That is on my newest character. I've had characters over 1000 rank (without breaking tournament style rules) too.
First, make sure you have Infections Tower shields Weaknesses and Reshuffle. Reshuffle also gives you back discarded treasures (not cast treasures) meaning you don't have to be as careful saving your cards. Second, this game rules defense the winner. Just look at the duelist101 article called "Turtle101". This makes the stats resist, block, power pips, and healing in/out key even if you lose a little attack on your ring and athame. (Waterworks gear gives resist and attack, so no loss there.) Third, you need to keep your pips up. Yes, I know Efreet is strong, RoF too, but if your opponent lives you need pips to Doom and Gloom (just get treasures), if they hit back, you need healing, maybe you're out of cards and need shuffle. Try using lower pips spells and wearing your opponent down. This keeps your pips up, so you'll still finish be able to finish with Efreet. Finally, stay under control of the fight. Keep your minion up, foe's minion down, infection off you, your health up, infection on the opponent, yourself defended, opponent defenseless.
If all else fails, look on duelist101. It is the most up to date resource out there. You might look at central too, but remember the meta-game was different when most of those guides were made.

Best of luck!
Patrick Star