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PvP within the Message Boards

Recently the sparring between players - usually reserved for the PvP arena - has leaked on to these Message Boards.

Opposing opinions always make for interesting conversation, but several recent threads went the way of personal attacks against individuals on these message boards. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and I apologize for letting these threads go too far.

Offending threads have been completely removed, and further attempts to spur hateful and disruptive dialog will not be approved.

If you see a post that is offensive, please report it to Professor Greyrose directly at community@wizard101.com. To ensure all interactions are safe, we have a team of moderators overseeing all message board activity. We review, edit, and sometimes delete inappropriate messages so the message board discussions stay safe and on track but we are human, and we do our very best, but sometimes we miss things. Thanks to those of you who brought this to our attention.