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PVP what TO do and what NOT to do[the issues]

Jan 23, 2009
I decided to make a giant thread about pvp and a lot of the problems.

First of all, one of the biggest thing i have seen people talk about.... BALANCE! Now what is balance? I like to call it a dropout of every school that took a bit from what it learned from each one and made it something great. I personally dont have any high level balance but i have played long enough to know. Now with being the outcast school a lot of people say it is too overpowered. Why? Judgement... (some say the shields). Lets dive a little deeper into this. (rofl cheesy but kept it in anyways)

Judgement: VERY dependant on blades and traps. Not saying it cant hit hard w/o them. Everyone seems to complain about how it can take them out in one hit when supercharged with all the traps and blades... i don't know if you guys think when you pvp or not. There really is a simple solution to this, don't use your tower shields until they blade or trap. Why? They can simply knock it off without much loss. Another thing to do is to keep treasure towers because everyone knows decks can be a pain sometimes and never seem to give you what you need.

Shields: I dont know about you guys but i think the shield thing is kinda pathetic... ok they get shields for all schools... but they are only 50%... IF they happen to spam like 4 of your class shields then either use one of your class dots, or a morph of a fire elf to your school (ice and storm)


"Double tap": Yes, this is one of the biggest pains of a myth. There really isnt much room around it unless you put several myth treasure shields in your deck. These will probably be easily removed by them via earthquake or a blade. Always be on the defence when against them. I wouldnt allow your health below half just because of the big risk. For the QQers (whiners for those who dont know) who say this isnt fair, its what myth class specializes in. From what I've heard myth is the hardest, if not one of the hardest, classes to level through the game in the higher levels.

Earthquake: THE BIGGEST pain of a myth. no one likes to spend several turns blading and shielding only for the myth to knock everything away. It is an awesome card, but as i have said before it shouldnt be able to remove stun shields. It easily allows the team to chain stun, which shouldnt be allowed for the fact that everyone should have a fighting chance in the arena and shouldnt just have to sit there and die.


Storm Lord: Too overpowered? Meh i dont think so since storms are suppose to be the powerhouse class of the game.
TAKE THE STUN OFF. Another thing I have heard a lot. Honestly its stun isnt much of a problem. Its the people that use it to chain stun. If they took it off people would just find other ways to chain stun.

Bolt: High damage, low accuracy. I don't find much of a problem with wild bolts anymore. Since they banned the trade of them it will just take time for non storm classes to run out of them. Bolt isnt that different from a storm using a triton on you besides the pips. Simple solution, treasure/ normal storm shields. Always put one on the first round if you can. Anyone can spam bolt, just shows their lack of skill in the arena :-D

Chain stuns: Shows your scared to be hit by another team! Hah, honestly those who use it are pathetic. Doesnt mean you cant beat them. Best strategy against these teams (usually consist of myth, ice, storm, and fire schools) is to pick one out and take that one out fast. Usually you can get the team to all use a 6 pip spell on one of the members. If you kill one, you have already greatly injured the team.

Beguile: One of the smaller things that you hear people QQ about every so often. What does it do when used right? IF the person you used it on used a spell that hits/heals/buffs all it will go to your team instead or hit their own team. Yes, this really sucks if you hit your own team. I wouldnt call it cheating. It depends how it is actually used in that duel. I use it every so often on my death, usually if my team is low health and its obvious that one of the people on the other team will hit or use rebirth.
What NOT to do with it is spam it everytime someone has 7 pips. Its basically the same as chain stunning. If used every so often (maybe every 5 turns + if that) its ok, but when spammed, it just goes to show how pathetic you are.

Spam weakness: Nothing much to say about weakness other than ignore it and continue to blade. Hitting several times with it on is better than trying to wand them all off. You will still do pretty good damage, unless they are shielded of course. Just ignore them unless its 30 and 25%. A solution could be keeping a few 1 pip hits in your treasures. Gets rid of the weakness and maybe a shield or two! :-D

Spam dispel: Like chain stunning and beguile, it's rather pathetic. Its ok every so often, but dont put 4 on a person or put one back on every time they get it off.
Solutions! : If your a storm you can use your cleanse. keep sprites and 0 pip heal in your deck and treasure.
Another idea would be putting the dispel on a cooldown. Such as when you put one on them, and another one gets put on, that one will not be able to activate until 3 turns later. Just a quick idea, not suppose the be the only solution.

Spam infection: Nothing wrong with this. I agree it can be very annoying!
Solutions! : Pretty straight forward, just use 1 or 0 pip small heals on a teammate. Remember to keep some of these in your treasure deck just in cast. Another thing is to just ignore them or counter them with any healing buff.

These are just the main problem a lot of people have been talking about either in threads of in game. Thought i would talk about them all and how to counter some.

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