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PvP... What has it come to?

Dec 28, 2008
I want this to clearly NOT be a rant thread. I just want people to state their opinions on the matter. If you can't do so without trashing somebody or something, kindly don't post, thanks.

Well, as suggested by the title, what has PvP come to these days? It is near impossible to find a 'fair' ranked match anymore. If you go for ranked dueling you either come across a:

1. Chain stunner
2. Treasure abusers/noobs
3. Down-rankers (Warlords who intentionally lose rank to fight against low ranked opponents)

I'd say these three make up about 90% of all ranked matches. PvP is obviously a big part of Wizard101, as there's nothing else for Grands to do in their spare time. It's a bit annoying that I pay for a subscription yet cant have fun in ranked thanks to people exploiting strategies to an unfair level, or not staying to their schools.

Chain Stunning is a pretty obvious, and well-known, unfair method of ranked. I'm not too worried because i'm almost certain KI will fix it with the latest patch.
Note: They have not confirmed nor denied doing anything to PvP (Just a rumor)

Treasure 'users' are a tad annoying. Nowhere near the irritation of chain stunners, however. It's disheartening to see Storm wizards using Fairy on another, or using Unicorn. I honestly think all treasures should be banned except those you make yourself, (IE- Using Keen Eyes,Tough,etc..) Just my two cents.

Down-Rankers are those you don't see too often, at least I haven't. As explained, they're High Rankers (Warlords, Commanders) who purposely lose fights so they lose rank, so that the matching system pairs them with other low-ranked people. This isn't really right, since they almost always have the arena gear. They get an extra 15%? Pip, 30%? Strength, and 40%? Resistance. Also, don't you notice they always go first? KingsIsle must have it out for us.... (Kidding)

So what's the opinion of the community on Ranked PvP? Is it even worth it to try ranked? Practice is fine, but it has no meaning after awhile. Ranked gives you a chance to play against other wizards that both desperately want, and need, to win.

As Always,
Your schoolmate,

Hunter T.

Apr 11, 2010
Your second one, treasure abusers/noobs is worth some level of concern.

Do you honestly think that anyone who first starts out in a ranked match is some sort of expert? We all started out somewhere, and that place was called the beginning. This whole noob talk is just foolish.

As far as treasure card abuse goes, they are there for you to buy and use. If a wizard doesn't have a means of healing, they have a way to buy a healing spell. What is so bad about that? The higher rank matches are brutal because of the commander arena gear and because of the experience gained by the players around that rank. Those matches get longer and harder. You have to have some healing spells.

If anything, we all have a set list of cards in our deck, either because of armor we equipped or because of a certain opponent we may face, in which we will not use a certain number of cards. So while discarding, we can replace them with usable cards, these are the treasure cards.

Yeah yeah, we know that there might be someone who will try to fill up their treasure card board with 10 tower shields, but that is the problem of the player. Just try to work around it. When you think about it, think about all the cards that player must have discarded...

Jun 19, 2009
I have to agree with the Down Rankers, since I usually pair up with them and have never won such a fight.

Dec 28, 2008
I meant the annoyance of Treasure users, Is them getting ahold of cards that are obviously School-Specific. I was just in a duel where a Storm used Unicorn twice. Matter of time before they figure out how to get a Rebirth in there too.

Apr 02, 2009
i have never came across a down ranker however i was just chain stunned about 20 minutes ago and i dont like it at all. i dont mind it so much when the whole team is warlords because i know that they dont deserve it and thier ranking means nothing to me personally i am going to avoid 1v1's and 4v4's from now on until people stop chain stunning and treasure abusing and i think i am going to start a thread on it

Dec 28, 2008
THe ironic part, An hour after my last post, I found a death who used Rebirth. Also, just today I found a fire who used Rebirth.

This is getting a bit out of hand.