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PvP: Warlord Grandmaster vs. Archmage private

Jun 24, 2015
Hey guys,

As you all know the critical system has changed drastically, and has angered a lot of people. I think that KingIsle, however, has gotten kind of a wrong idea as to why we're angry at this.

First of all, PvP has gotten more unfair than ever before. And I know during the previous years everyone has said bad stuff about PvP being unfair, yada yada yada.

Here's the thing though. This year, the critical system is just unbelievable. A level 50 overlord who faces a level 80 who crits a lot, will rarely ever block these crits and the attack will land, possibly killing this level 50.

PvP is not about skill anymore as far as I'm concerned. I've been playing since the 1st age, and 3rd age PvP has been the worst so far. Is it getting less fair as they reset ranks, who knows. PvP is supposed to be about critical thinking, not about pure luck and unfairness. This is just ridiculous.

In my opinion, they should remove crit only from PvP. If they can't remove it only between level 50's and level 90's in PvP, then removing it completely would bring a lot less people complaining about it.

What do you think?

Nov 13, 2012
Solution: stop putting low level warlords against high level privates. Let privates fight privates of the same level, and warlords fight warlords of the same level.

It would kind of be like the way some competitive online games separate cheaters into a pool of other people who cheat. The only difference is that instead of cheaters, it's warlords (not that there's much of a difference).

Aug 25, 2012
i am having the same struggle on my 68 ice. i have a good win loss still but in the last 20 matches i have won 18 and almost all of them had some sort of bad pvp in them. in those matches i ahve prolly crit 5 times 3 of those times they have blocked and i am a attacking ice with 30% crit... how does that work? i probably hit 5 times or more per match. then on the other side they have crit about 35 times in 20 matches and i have blocked once. yes with 30% block as well i have block 1 out of 35. i had a guy critical an insane on me then do another insane on me and i still won. This game is getting out of hand with rng. If they do keep this system they should either increase block by a lot i am talking 50-70% they should just take block out of the game because at this point anything that makes this less rng would help it.