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PvP vs time spent in the game

Aug 28, 2010
Dr Von wrote the line below, and it made me smile, and think of the
time my Brother and I spent in Wizard101, just for PvP.

Dr Von wrote: “Maybe for someone who has tons of free time, but not
when that person has other priorities (like real life~……..”

During the school year, I would bet we spent at least 25 hours a week
getting the gear we wanted, farming for gold, farming our plants,
bringing up plants for mega snacks, ranking up, all for that first
setup for PvP. In the summer time, I would bet that we would be
on around 65 or more hours a week (would have been more but we
had other games to play too)……. We could run waterworks, just the
two of us, and our other account gave us our third for the Tower of
the Helephant.
Now my brother has moved on to other games, and my time became real
limited when I went to college. The only one that plays on the accounts
now is Fred.

The point of this posting was this, can someone that only has limited time
to play compete with someone that is spending 40 hour or more in the game.
Someone who is spending 40 hours, has the time to raise plants for mega’s,
to bring up their pets. Has time to run the LoreMaster for the spell drops,
has time to run the dungeons for the gear drops, etc.
Can someone, even if they have lots of crown or no crowns compete,
I would have to say No. What do you think?

Aug 25, 2012
I would say yes, except it will be a lot longer and harder

Sep 17, 2012
It really depends on what you mean by keep up. If you mean both starting from scratch, of course not. If you mean maintaining already maxed out characters, of course. If you have all the time in a wolrd to play, you can finish all the worlds fairly easily within a one month membership. If you have a maxed player, regardless how long it took you in the past to get there, a new world like Khrysalis can be done in a weekend if you play through it. If you play a couple hours a day it might take you a week.