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Pvp Uneven and Not Fair - Take Heed Wizard101

Oct 12, 2009
When a lvl 8 is able to beat a lvl 42, that shows the balance in pvp is obviously uneven. Some spells should be restricted from pvp, obviously "Wild Bolt" being one of them. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people just make a low level thunder wizard just to pvp with only using Wild Bolt. Wizard 101 you better heed to all the complaints; the pvp system is completely unbalanced. I have also seen level 29s grouped with grandmasters, which is clearly ridiculous. For starters the pvp system should be grouped by these steps:

1)Level bracket
(Level 5-14, Level 15-24, Level 25-34, Level 35-44, Level 45-50 (since 50 is max) Levels 1-4 shouldn't be able to pvp, because they are supposedly learning the game)

(Being within a few ranks of each other, no further than 3 ranks between all opponents)

With it being like this it would be efficient and fair. It also may take a little longer to join a battle, but it would be worth it (because of it being more balanced).

- Ronan