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PvP unbalanced?

Jul 15, 2011
Hi. I recently played a 2v2 ranked match out of boredom, and I was paired someone my level. Balanced, right? Well, the opposing team had a level 11, and a level 66. I was reminded of how many unbalanced matches I had, and so I come to wonder, why is PvP unbalanced? It works fine in other MMOs. I think it's sad to defeat an apprentice or a journeyman. My level is 54. Why is it that every time I go on PvP, i'm battling a level 7?

Apr 27, 2012
I also think PvP is unbalanced, but not level-wise.

Though 2v2 and higher Ranked wise aren't my favorites, I did a 2v2.

When I went to the arena to fight, there was a Private on my team, and on the other team, and Warlord and a Knight.

Talk about unfair, right? (Of course, we lost )