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pvp trouble

Jun 28, 2010
hi i am a lvl 49 life wizard i have been trying pvp lately and i started off good winning a few. but then every time i play i constantly loose every battle. i have also tried 2v2 and cant seem to win ever. am i just that bad? and are there any suggestions for pvp from another life wizard. that would be helpful, thanks

lvl 49
life wizard
tyler lifespear

Jul 23, 2012
I am not a life wizard but i think i can help 4v4 rebirth like crazy

Sep 07, 2008
i am a life wizard lvl 67 and i have a few tips

i usually do 3v3 with my friends they are fire and balance and i am life so the first thing i always do is shield myself and guilding light. if you get a wand that has guardian spirit use that right away it revives you once you die and then once your all shielded up centuar or use another attack on them. For me when i was that level i would buy forest lord treasure cards because hai i am life even though i dont have the cards i had a descanet power pip chance so i could use it. The trick is to balance healing and attacking

Kane MythMender lvl 67 Life wizard