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PvP/ Tournaments

Sep 05, 2012
Today i signed up for a tournament then i was waiting then it said one minute remaining then i was waiting then all of a sudden it changed to 10 hours I wan not able to play wizard101 anymore because i had to go to sleep for school, May i have a refund of crowns This made me really upset

Sep 19, 2013
You probably got pushed into the next tournament, because there weren't enough players.If you miss the time, you don't get a refund.
The problem is that this creates a positive feedback loop that is going to destroy tournaments. Here's what happens:
1. Someone decides tournaments look cool and wants to do one.
2. He/She pays their crowns fee and waits for the tournament to begin.
3. They fail to join because there aren't enough players, and they can't play during the next time slot.
4. They lose their crowns because KI doesn't refund crowns if you miss the time.
5. They swear off tournaments forever because they're mad about their wasted crowns.
So now they'll never do tournaments again. This means there's one less person available for matching, and this exacerbates the problem. End result: tournaments are either removed from the game or just sit there being useless.