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PVP Titles and New use for Star School

Jun 26, 2009
The PVP leaderboard is a great idea, Now all can know who's the best of the best. However there should be some other visible acknowledgement for the tireless efforts of the few who make it to the top. Being a PVP Warlord is not he same as being the number one PVP Warlord. Therefor He (or She) should have a title worthy of this distinction. Say Warlord Emperor or Warlord Titan or even Supreme Warlord like Roland Silverheart. Perhaps even those in the top ten should have some sort of recognition, like the title Warlord reathed in flames above their head.

The star school (auras) spells are target self only. Perhaps it's time for some offensive capabilities. like reducing a targets armor resistance for four turns by 15% to all attacks. Or increasing the pip usage of spells. Just like wizards compete to have globals up for damage advantage, casting a target self aura will cancel out a target other aura that's on you.

Sure that I'm not the first to think of it, just wanted to bring it up.

Jul 27, 2010
I really like the idea of the aura spells it's sounds really cool and this makes the balance spell supernova more useful and popular. The new PvP titles are really cool too it makes them look more awesome. Kingsisle should consider this.