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Jun 24, 2012
I am a level 42 Fire wizard, with secondary school Death.

I am having trouble with rank pvp...
I am currently ( 5 win - 23 lost )... Most of my opponents are always ranked (Knight, Warlord, etc.)

Right now I am SO frustrated! I try playing the game as fair as possible. Every single 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 that I play, they ALL go for "One hit wonders"...

3 of 5 of my wins were (I played unfair with "One hit wonders" like everyone else)... I felt it was unfair..
2 of 5 of my wins were ( 2 vs. 2, the other teammate was high ranking)... I felt those 2 of the 28 pvp battles were played fairly.

So I felt like coming onto the message boards to ask around what tips/advice some would have at defeating higher ranked opponents.

Thank You.

Aug 28, 2010

This is not my advice, I didn't write it, but I feel that's it's the best advice for someone starting.....
So, for whoever wrote this, I hope you don't mind me reposting it....

But my best advice is still the advice I gave earlier in this and other threads: pay attention to what the other wizards do -- the ones who are winning, the warlords. Especially pay attention to the ones who play with chivalry and style -- not the mean ones. (While taunting and name-calling may help some people win by upsetting opponents, it is a low way to win, bad form, mean -- whether they do it or their friends. So please don't follow that path.)

Once I stopped being upset by my losing, and started watching what the other players actually did when they beat me, I started learning how to do PVP. Especially watch:

* When do they shield, and what kinds of shields?
* How do they use their pips? How long do they save them? What spells do they use to mess you up while they are saving pips?
* How do they use minions? When? Which ones?
* How do they use over-time spells, like fire-elf?
* How do they heal? How do they stop you from healing?
* If they do use TC, which TC? When? Are they from their own school, or a different school? Are the TC big ones? Are they single big hits, or over time?
* What talents in pets help them, and mess you up?

Once you start noticing these things, then you can see what strategies you might like to try, that would fit with your abilities, school, pets, equipment, cash-flow (for TC, if you choose to buy them).

If you see a strategy that really worked for someone else, then try it yourself. Experiment until you find a style that works well for you most of the time. No strategy is perfect, and luck is always a factor, so expect to still lose a few. But try out some of the winning styles you see, both in matches you are in, and in ones you watch.
This is how I turned my wizard from a losing private to a (mostly) winning warlord.

Aug 20, 2011
Without knowing much about your character, I can't tailor this advice much, but I can help.

Carry each of the following treasure cards at all times:
  • Triage
  • Conviction
  • Infallible
  • Shatter
  • Weakness
  • Tower shield 55%
  • Wyldfire
  • Satyr
  • Monstrous enchanted hits (prepare these before battle)

Use each of the following tactics:
  • Use your Wyldfire bubble spell quickly, especially against Balance, Life, and Death opponents
  • Steal Charm whenever you can
  • Use Link, Power Link, since they will help keep your health up and remove weaknesses
  • Use Scald to dispose of opponent's minions, as opposed to Meteor Strike
  • Use your Fire Elemental minion early and regularly (forces opponent to hit prematurely)
  • Use Infallible and go on a streak of small combo hits that you have enchanted with Monstrous

  • Do not use bad gear. Before you even think of getting in the PvP arena, you need universal resistance, and damage boost from your gear.
  • Do not use a baby pet. You don't have to have a perfect pet, but you're just handicapping yourself if you haven't worked on a pet at all.
  • Do not neglect to pack shields or shield yourself.
  • Do not blade-blade-trap-hit. People can defend against that strategy in their sleep.
  • Do not try to hit with Banshee, Vampire, Skeletal Pirate, or Wraith. Don't even pack these spells. If you have over 20% Death damage boost and a Death Mastery Amulet, then nevermind, go ahead.

Hope some of this helps.

Oct 22, 2009
Many good points made in the post.

One of the main things I never hear as a tip/hint to any PVPer at any level, is the ability to shield ALL schools. Using your Training Points for shields is critical in PVP.

Obviously, this is only my opinion, but once I cross level 20, I only use my school spells, as power pip % are high enough where it does not make sense to use other spells out of school which takes multiple pips.

I use Training points for shields only, and blades from Niles.