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PvP tips for life wizards

May 08, 2014
Wait until about lvl 35
Keep buffs in your deck at all times
have a reshuffle so you can get your healing spells back after use

when fighting a wizard of a higher lvl go on the defensive block with spirit shield then heal with satyr to regain your health when you get low. Keep doing that until they run out of cards and auto lose

if they use reshuffle go on the offensive

use feint, lifeblade and lifetrap on your opponent to increase your max damage I promise you will hit 1000+ if you use a centaur or seraph.

Get a pet that can get may cast lifeblade, lifetrap or healing spells. I recommend the spirit of nature pet in the crown shop.
when fighting death don't use spirit shield steal health spells don't get affected by it

wear equipment that boosts your life attack
Use infection so that they cant heal if you go on the offensive
keep minor blessing in your deck so you can get rid of infection

If I missed something tell me in the comments I am Noah sandpants pvp warlord

Jun 17, 2011
Once a higher level you learn triage and guardian spirit. call me a cheapo but these spells are insanely useful. Triage (bring lots) - removes D.O.T spell
Guardian Spirit (pack 1-3) - Brings you back to life with 15% of total health.
Thanks Ricochety for other tips, I may do pvp more often.

Grace DreamRider 85
PvP private (go me! :p )