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Pvp tips for a max storm?

Jul 09, 2009
i have a max storm and I would love to pvp more, but I'm always LOSING. (I 1v1 by the way.) it seems like ever since volcanic shield and towers became popular in pvp, storm has kind of been on the lower end, especially when we go second. I know there's pros to us, but there's cons to every school I go against that just really messes me up.
Fire - dots (like their 2 lip fire elf) and ffa. It's very hard to shield against them and it's not easy for a storm to heal, especially with an unreliable healing current.
Ice - their high health and Weaver. Weaver with colossal does an insane amount especially when paired with a blade or two. It's just a little unbalanced how they can do so much damage and have 4-5k Heath leftover after rusalka's. Basically my main problem with ice is that my health is too low to be able to kill them in time.
Balance - lore master and gaze of fate. Loremaster does around the same amount as kraken (if I'm not mistaken) for the same amount of pips, and it gives an accuracy and weakness debuff. Very easy to spam and it's annoying enough to get the weaknesses off. And it does a good bit of damage also. It's annoying especially when they stack the weakness too. And supernova (especially when my pet casts infallible haha)
Life - their heals and caterpillar. I have a life and I know how powerful caterpillar can be. The 800 absorb is pretty nice, actually, and 1.4k damage? Sold. Really good spell. Life fairies can do 1k with critical and if that's just wasting one of their rounds, they can heal fairly quickly and spit out a quick caterpillar.
Myth - haven't had a huge problem with this school, but I know they can medusa if you don't have a quick conviction or stun block up
Death - Juju, beguile, and drains . Really good spells especially if you go first (as a death anyways)

As much as I would love to shield against these with a -70 or -80, it's still difficult, ESPECIALLY in ranked pvp. It's not really possible to figure out who you're going against, or any good universal counters. Any tips would be appreciated x