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pvp teams

Dec 16, 2009
ok ive been looking in game and asking around. but its really hard to find a static pvp team. and well looking for one in game is just a pain and i'm sick of looking. so i came to the forums im a lvl 42 life wizard and i want to pvp. so if any teams out there need a good life wizard on there team look up alura soulpyre. shes my main and im still lvling but i have sanctuary so im still really good in pvp. as i said befor my main school is life my secondary is ice and my third is just enough in balance to get the -25% to enemy damage.
so im very defencive in pvp and can be a pain to kill. im very good when it comes to healing in 1v1 but i want to try 3v3 or 4v4. i dont think 2v2 is the way to go for a life wizard since they will just focuse fire on me. and try to take me down as fast as they can

Aug 21, 2009
If you play pvp just keep adding pvp players to your friend's list and before long hopefully most everyone on it will be pvp players that you can get to know and play with.