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PVP Strategy

Apr 30, 2009
Ok, here is my two cents on what it takes to PVP.

I started a storm char and he is currently at lvl16 and is a solid captain. I have found that the best deck build for me is this:

Use your deck for mostly defence. Shields, Blades, Traps etc. Use your treasure deck for your attacks. Mostly your own school treasures. You will need some attacks in your main deck in case you need to reshuffle.

To protect against wild bolt you can use regular storm shields (trained) and get an amulet w/storm shields from the bazaar. this gives you plenty of storm defence.

I have every shield available in my deck. Once I determine who I am up against, I can then dump shields i don't need and get to my treasure attack cards.

With this set up, I win consistently and I go up against lvl 30+ almost every time.

Good Hunting! :D
GM Storm
46 Fire
36 Life
16 Storm

Jun 17, 2009
ok tell me this, how will you defend against earthquake when you use up all your shields.. tell me when someone thought of the same way but choose to add attack cards to the main deck.. since treasures are one use now tell me when you run out how are you able to fight?