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PvP stories

May 15, 2009
i as well as a lot of people have lots of cool PvP stories to share with people.
let me retell a favorite of mine

Okay.. i had Just renewed my Subscription, So i decided to have a 3v3 PvP match
My friends Christina a GM of storm and Elizabeth a GM of life and I entered the match
the Opponents were a myth and two fire students
first turn I pull storm blade and cast it on myself, Elizabeth cast a healing boost charm on herself
and Christina casts storm field spell.

The myth casts myth blade
the 1st fire student casts a fire trap while the 2nd fire student cast a stun all spell
naturally my team had to wait, now it was myth he casted a second stun all and removed the shields, the 1st fire tried to cast a stun, but fizzled the 2nd fire student cast fire blade on himself
My team i cast Triton and blast the myth for 1052
Elizabeth passed and Christina cast storm trap on myth

the myth cast mintaur and hit Christina, the 1st fire student cast smoke screen and the 2nd fire student cast elemental blades on himself

i cast a fire shield on myself
Elizabeth fizzled when she tried to satyr on my storm friend and Christina fizzled when She tried to storm lord

the myth and 2 fires passed

next turn i cast Kraken on the 1st fire student
Elizabeth cast Centaur on the 2nd Fire student and Christina Cast storm lord wiping out the Myth and two fire students

Feb 15, 2010
Ah PvP stories... gotta love em! just yesterday i had a one-on-one match with a death student. Me being ice of course cast a major ice blast
the death student cast a death trap on me
next round i cast a tower shield The death
used one ghoul on me and healed himself
even though he had nothing to heal
then i cast a ice wyvern on him and a tower shield again
he then cast a vampire on me and i had to heal next turn
Only thing it fizzled He still had three pips left then next
turn he got a power pip
Guess what? he used a lovely wraith on me and then
boom dead on the spot
Still a great battle though

Go the harder way you will succeed
Go the easy way you will fail
Blaze SkyFist Level 26 Ice Adept