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PvP Recommendations for Competitive Tournaments

Mar 10, 2014
I've been playing this game for years and I have always had the same complaint but thought that it was going to be changed any day. The fact that everybody chooses their move at the same time, even the team that's going second, is just silly. It would obviously be better if one team chose their card, then after the first team picks, it goes through their move, then the other team gets to go. I just find that it is sad that on top of having second move as a disadvantage you have to predict what your opponent it going to do. Now with the implementation of tournaments in this game it is clear that the Wizard101 team is trying to take somewhat of a competitive path, but how is this going to work if they are put at a massive disadvantage that is completely out of their control.

It is clear that card games can be competitive, look at Hearthstone, and Wizard101 has great potential if the developers would get involved. Having an RPG card game would attract a lot of players from other card games that are PvP only, but once again, the developers have to add the essentials that make a card game competitive that should be in the game anyways. I would love to talk to a dev about why this hasn't been implemented in the game.

If you have trouble understanding what i'm trying to say I would be glad to further clarify as best I can. I think people need to keep bringing this to the developers attention because it NEEDS to happen if this game is going to hold on to it's players that play solely to compete